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Early Birds, Night Owls, Little Ladybirds & Appletree Preschool & Holiday Hedgehogs

Early Birds

Early Birds breakfast club operates from 7:30am until school starts at the following settings:

St Joseph's



St Michael's 

Magna Carta

We provide a wide and varied breakfast selection to try and accommodate to all tastes. Children are encouraged to serve their own breakfast and pour their own drinks, although the staff are on hand to provide help to those that need it and they will also ensure that all children do eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast before they start their school day, we do also encourage our older children to help the younger children as we feel this is character building for all. 

After a good breakfast the children can brush their teeth and join in with the fun and games.

The games and activities on offer at Early Birds include a good selection of toys, games, puzzles, lego, arts & crafts, role play and outside activities.

Breakfast will be served between  7.30 - 8.30am so that there is enough time for clearing up before the school day commences. Staff at the school and families are encouraged and welcomed to join us at Early Birds for breakfast whenever they can.

Early Birds breakfast club costs from £6.00 - £7.50 per child, 

For further information on the cost please click here

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What our customers are saying

Just wanted to say thank you for looking after my boys this term, it makes it easier as a parent to know they are happy and well cared for by an amazing team!

Windhill21 Early Birds and Night Owls family