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Early Birds, Night Owls, Little Ladybirds & Appletree Preschool & Holiday Hedgehogs

Early Birds

Our prices are detailed below:

St Joseph's - £7.50

Windhill21 -  £7.00

Northgate - £7.00

Magna Carte - £7.50

Please note sibling discount of 50p is applied at all settings


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Night Owls

 Our prices are detailed below:

St Joseph's - £15.50

Windhill - £15.50

Northgate - £15.50

All Saints - £15.50

Hillmead - £15.50

Magna Carta - £15.50

Please note siblings will receive 50p discount on the above charges

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Our prices are detailed below:

Little Ladybirds Pre-School at

All Saints


Appletree Pre-School at Windhill21

£16.00 (per session)

Little Ladybirds Pre-School at Northgate

£16.00 (per session)

Little Ladybirds Pre-School at Hillmead


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Holiday Hedgehogs

Holiday Hedgehogs based at Northgate & St Joseph's Primary School

£37.50 per child

This is for a full day (8am - 6.30pm)

and includes breakfast and cooked lunch, a packed tea is required.

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Fee Structure

Invoices are emailed to the bill payer on or around the 20th of each month 

for payment on or before 1st of the month for which you are paying.

Fee's are to be paid in cash, BACs or via a childcare voucher scheme.

Late payments will incur a £25 late payment charge.

To pay by BACS please use the following details:

Barclays Business Bank 

Sort Code: 20-36-98

Account Number: 83816915

Childcare Voucher companies we are registered with are as follows:

Voucher company                                                                Account number

  • Computershare                                                              0007906251 or 0019575330
  • Edenred                                                                        P20044686
  • Care 4                                                                           13924918, 97627796 or 25821146
  • Imagine                                                                         85001412
  • Fideliti                                                                           EAR041C
  • Sodexo                                                                          160127 CM23 2NE
  • Kiddivouchers                                                                CM23 2NL EY295543
  • Busy Bees Northgate                                                     CM23 2RL
  • Busy Bees St Joseph's                                                     CM23 2NL

We are happy to register with a new company if you need us to, please email us with the information

Please note: Voucher payments take 3-5 working days to reach our account once you have released them for payment, for this reason we would request that the payments are issued by 27th of the month if possible, to ensure we receive them by 1st of each month please.

What our customers are saying

Warm and welcoming environment with engaging workers and a safe space for children to thrive

Northgate family