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Night Owls

Night Owls runs from the end of school until 6:30pm, Monday - Friday at the following settings:

St Joseph's



All Saints


St Michaels 

Our Night Owls settings are lively and fun where children are encouraged to play and interact after the more structured set up of a school day. There are lots of games, puzzles and toys on offer for children to play with and we do also offer planned activities and craft which the children are encouraged to take part in but are completely optional.

All of our settings have outside areas which we take full advantage of and children are encouraged to spend time outside enjoying supervised sports, fun and games in all weathers!

We provide a light tea every evening at 5pm and we will always ensure that every dietary need is catered for. If you don't want your child to have tea in case of early pick or any other reason please email the office [email protected] or call on 01279 771367 to let us know.

 We do suggest that our younger children will not need anything else to eat once home, but our older children will possibly need a little bit more to keep them going as it is only a light tea. 

Night Owls come to a close at 6:30pm and we ask that you arrive no later than this to collect your child.

If due to unforeseen circumstances you are running late, please ensure you call or text the emergency number 07745 262676 to advise us so that we are able to inform our staff and reassure your child.

In the event that you are going to be more than a few minutes late, you will need to arrange for a third party to collect your child on your behalf. This should be someone who has been set up as an authorised collector and they must provide the setting staff with the pick-up password for your child.

Late collections will be charged at £5 for every full 15 minutes.

When schools finish early for the end of term (Easter, Summer & Christmas), Night Owls will start early to accommodate the school's early finish unless we inform you otherwise.

For further details on the cost of Night Owls, please click here

What our customers are saying

I've got to say, we're so happy with Night Owls. The staff are all lovely and it's worth every penny!

St Joseph's Night owls family