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Early Birds, Night Owls, Little Ladybirds & Appletree Preschool & Holiday Hedgehogs

The Curiosity Approach

At all of our pre-school settings we now follow 'The Curiosity Approach' way of learning. This isn't a drip fed educational approach, it is a way of allowing children the time and space to be curious and inquisitive.

Adult initiated activities are offered to children in a way that allows freedom and ownership over their learning. We have removed tick-sheets and conveyor belt style activities and instead we allow children to produce their own work rather than copying a set outcome.

We respect children when they decide not to engage and instead we follow their direction and interest to create their own schematic style of learning. This isn't about us and what we believe looks good and should be taught to the children, it is about them and the directions that they are naturally drawn towards.

As mindful and passionate educators, we must be observant for clues and cues - looking to see where individual learning journeys take the children and us with them. We must be proactive, reactive, observant and enthusiastically working alongside your children. This takes skillful interactions and mindful adults.

The Curiosity Approach is all about us being researchers with the children, sustaining shared thinking and encouraging that joy or intrinsic motivation, developing and awareness and love of nature, to be curious and inquisitive, to handle, to hold and to explore! To become absorbed in a sensory experience that ignites a sense of wonder.

The children embrace the opportunities to learn at their own pace and in their own direction and we as 'teachers' enjoy the children taking the lead and showing us how and what they want to learn.